Silken Strands  

Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Ram Duath
Start Location: Lehma-koti
Start Mob: Aarnikka
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 21s 35c
Exp Granted: 3655
Quest Level: 40
Min Level: 35
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Ram Duath


'You will help the Jorthkyn, yes?

'Spiders make silk. We need silk. You kill spiders, take their silk, then we give you the Orcs' shiny metal.

'We have much shiny metal taken from Orcs. Little people like shiny things, yes?'


The Earth-kin, rugged, practical, and earthy as they are, make extensive use of silk, which they obtain almost exclusively from spiders.


Objective 1
Collect skeins spider-silk (0/10)

There are spiders throughout Ram Dúath.

Objective 2
Bring the spider-silk to Aarnikka

Aarnikka has asked you to collect silk from the spiders of the Ram Dúath.