A Hike Like No Other  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Coldfells
Start Location: Glain Vraig
Start Mob: Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn
Flags: Raid, Repeatable, Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 24s 85c
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors
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    Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn
    Grimwood Lumber Camp
    Tirith Rhaw
    Tol Ascarnen


Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn explained that the contested locales throughout the Ettenmoors hold some manner of importance to the Free Peoples and the forces of Angmar and suggested that you visit each.


Objective 1

Visit the Grimwood Lumber-camp, Isendeep Mine, Tol Ascarnen, Tirith Rhaw, and Lugazag

The Grimwood Lumber-camp is south of Glan Vraig. Lugazag is south of Glan Vraig, on the west side of the Hoarwell. The Isendeep Mine is far to the northwest of Glan Vraig. Tol Ascarnen is south of the Isendeep Mine, northwest of Glan Vraig. Tirith Rhaw is east of Tol Ascarnen and north-west of Glan Vraig.

Objective 2

Return to Ascwyn in Glan Vraig


Observe your map to see who currently controls the location. Red locations are held by the Enemy, and blue by the Free Peoples.