iconDelicious Crispy Bacon  

Delicious Crispy Bacon
Slot: Food
Cooldown: 30s
Duration: 20m
+12 Agility

"Were it cooked any longer, it would be burnt. Were it cooked less long, it would not be as crispy.

Only one trail food can be active at a time."

Usage Requirements:
Minimum Level: 20
Worth: 40c
Stack Size: 50

Dropped from Creatures:Dropped from Objects:Received From Quests:Crafted from:

This item is needed for the Deed Breakfast Expert

You can win this item from the Lottery: Beer and Bacon of which you can join on mylotro.com.

When you login, just click on your Logged in as SignInName at the top, go to the Character List, then click View Full List, click on the name of the character you wish to play the Lottery with, then click Lotteries over on the right hand corner next to Skirmishes now click on any of the Lotteries you wish to enter.
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