iconUnearthed Sack  

Unearthed Sack
Slot: Perks
Bind on Acquire
Cooldown: 5s

"Who knows what ancient prizes await in this sack?"

Sold by Vendors for None:Obtained from Bartering:

Known Random drop items from this item are:
Compendium of Middle-earth, Volume I
Compendium of Middle-earth, Volume II
Compendium of Middle-earth, Volume III
Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Learning
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Legend
Cryptic Heritage Rune of Lore
Elegant Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Elegant Heritage Rune of Learning
Elegant Heritage Rune of Legend
Elegant Heritage Rune of Lore
Legendary Fragment
Ornate Heritage Rune of Knowledge
Ornate Heritage Rune of Learning
Ornate Heritage Rune of Legend
Ornate Heritage Rune of Lore
Revival Tome
Scroll of Lesser Craft Acceleration
Tome of Agility I
Tome of Agility II
Tome of Agility III
Tome of Agility IV
Tome of Agility V
Tome of Fate I
Tome of Fate II
Tome of Fate III
Tome of Fate IV
Tome of Fate V
Tome of Might I
Tome of Might II
Tome of Might III
Tome of Might IV
Tome of Might V
Tome of Vitality I
Tome of Vitality II
Tome of Vitality III
Tome of Vitality IV
Tome of Vitality V
Tome of Will I
Tome of Will II
Tome of Will III
Tome of Will IV
Tome of Will V
Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor

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