iconPrized Algraig Steed  

Prized Algraig Steed
Slot: Mount
Bind on Acquire
Consumed on Use

Barring Skills: Prized Algraig Horse, Prized Algraig Pony
Requires: Riding

"Algraig prize these horses highly and allow only those that they trust implicitly to ride or own them.

Reduced damage on critical hits."

Usage Requirements:
Requires: Kindred standing with Algraig, Men of Enedwith
Worth: 1g 455s 90c

Sold by Vendors for 5g 823s 60c:Obtained from Bartering:

This item grants a mount skill depending on the race:

Humans & Elves get the:
Prized Algraig Horse

Dwarves & Hobbits get the:
Prized Algraig Pony

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