iconEarring of the Dreamflower  

Earring of the Dreamflower
Slot: Ear
Bind on Acquire
Cooldown: 30m
Duration: 30s
+19 Agility
+38 Fate
+19 Vitality
Usage: -50.0% All Skill Inductions
+360.0 Disease Resist Rating
+146 Maximum Power
Durability: 60/60
Sturdiness: Normal

"An earring granted to those sworn to protect the ancient knowledge of Lothloerin."

Usage Requirements:
Requires: Kindred standing with Galadhrim
Minimum Level: 60
Worth: 59s 40c
Part of Knowledge of Creatures
2/2: -50.0% All Skill Inductions
Earring of the Dreamflower
Ring of the Dreamflower

Sold by Vendors for 237s 60c:Obtained from Bartering:

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