Delossad (Sithad)  

Zone: Trollshaws
Type: Building in Delossad
Level: 50 - 0
Location: 38.4S, 12.8W
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 5
Mobs: 6
Delossad (Sithad) is an instance SOLO dungeon involved in the quest: Instance: Prisoner of the Free Peoples, it can not be entered any other way.

Prisoner of the Free Peoples
"The pages of Sara Oakheart's journal uncovered the way into the ruins of Delossad, once called Sithad in brighter days. The search for Narchuil has led here, but to what end? What have these ragged stones seen...? Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options
    Delossad (Sithad)

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