Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall  

Zone: Thorin's Hall
Type: City Section in Thorin's Hall
Level: 1 - 0
Location: 13.7S, 103.0W
Quests: Starting: 10, Involved: 5
Mobs: 20

LOTRO Wiki Description

The great halls of Thorin, delved beneath the Ered Luin in western Middle-earth are amongst the greatest wonders of craftsmanship and building found anywhere in the world. It has been nearly 80 years since Thorin himself journeyed away from this Dwarf-mansion of soaring stone to reclaim his rightful place beneath Erebor, in his noble quest to Lonely Mountain to defeat the dragon Smaug (a well-documented adventure, indeed!).

in the Though Thorin was never to return to this place, having fallen in the Battle of the Five Armies after successfully reclaiming his throne, Thorin's HallsBlue Mountains remain a vibrant center of activity in the region.