Burzthrang Skirmisher  

Race: Orc-kind
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 65
Max Morale: 4,529
Max Power: 588
Found in Zones: Mirkwood
Found in Areas: Dol Guldur, Emyn Lum, Gathburz, Kufuzg (Mirkwood), The Scuttledells
Location: Roaming
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Locations with maps: Mirkwood
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    Burzthrang Skirmisher
NameTypeMin Level
Ancient Gold Token Barter Item
Aquamarine Resource
Bag of Hearty Crumbs Recipe Recipe
Balanced Great Hammer of Stone-cutting Two-Handed Hammer lvl 65
Black Badge Quest Item
Blazing Rune-stone of Extermination Rune-stone lvl 65
Bright Lamp Resource
Broken Dwarf-make Breastplate Trophy
Broken Dwarf-statue Resource
Broken Metal Club Trophy
Chunk of Bright Brimstone Resource
Chunk of Pink Rock-salt Resource
Dawn-rose Resource
Dawn-rose Obsidian Rune-stone Recipe Recipe
Drop of Hard Resin Resource
Etching of Moria Resource
Finely Woven Supreme Standard of War Recipe Recipe
Grand Amulet of the Ashen Eagle Recipe Recipe
Grand Amulet of the Onyx Lynx Recipe Recipe
Greater Supreme Potion of Fevour Recipe Recipe
Hard Whetstone Resource
Infused Adamant Quest Item
Infused Conhuith Draught Potion
Infused Conhuith Draught Recipe Recipe
Infused Conhuith Salve Potion
Infused Healing Draught Potion
Infused Healing Draught Recipe Recipe
Infused Healing Salve Potion
Infused Lhinestad Draught Potion
Infused Lhinestad Draught Recipe Recipe
Infused Lhinestad Salve Potion
Infused Milkthistle Draught Potion
Infused Milkthistle Draught Recipe Recipe
Infused Milkthistle Salve Potion
Jade Gemstone Trophy
Lore-master's Staff of the Third Age Staff lvl 65
Marchwarden's Armour Recipe Recipe
Marchwarden's Boots Recipe Recipe
Marchwarden's Gloves Recipe Recipe
Marchwarden's Helm Recipe Recipe
Marchwarden's Leggings Recipe Recipe
Marchwarden's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Master's Armour Recipe Recipe
Master's Cloak Recipe Recipe
Master's Gloves Recipe Recipe
Master's Hat Recipe Recipe
Master's Leggings Recipe Recipe
Master's Robe Recipe Recipe
Master's Shoes Recipe Recipe
Master's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Potent Athelas Essence Potion lvl 60
Potent Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 60
Pure Athelas Essence Recipe Recipe
Pure Celebrant Salve Recipe Recipe
Relic of Khazad-dum Resource
Rune-carved Tablet Resource
Shield of Rallying Heavy Shield lvl 65
Shining Staff Staff lvl 65
Silver Mallorn Bow Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Club Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Crossbow Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Great Club Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Hammer Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Javelin Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Spear Recipe Recipe
Silver Mallorn Staff Recipe Recipe
Steeped Athelas Essence Potion lvl 65
Steeped Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 65
Steeped Conhuith Draught Potion
Steeped Conhuith Salve Potion
Steeped Healing Draught Potion
Steeped Healing Salve Potion
Steeped Lhinestad Draught Potion
Steeped Lhinestad Salve Potion
Steeped Milkthistle Draught Potion
Steeped Milkthistle Salve Potion
Superb Amulet of the Frost-lynx Recipe Recipe
Supreme Master Jeweller Journal Recipe Recipe
Supreme Master Metalworker's Journal Recipe Recipe
Supreme Master Tailor's Journal Recipe Recipe
Supreme Master Weaponsmith's Journal Recipe Recipe
Supreme Master Woodworker Journal Recipe Recipe
Swift Mace One-Handed Mace lvl 65
Tattered Khuzdul Parchment Resource
Thain's Axe Recipe Recipe
Thain's Dagger Recipe Recipe
Thain's Great Axe Recipe Recipe
Thain's Greatsword Recipe Recipe
Thain's Halberd Recipe Recipe
Thain's Mace Recipe Recipe
Thain's Sword Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Armorer Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Armsman Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Explorer Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Historian Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Tinker Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Woodsman Recipe Recipe
Tools of the Yeoman Recipe Recipe
Treated Boots Medium Armour lvl 65
Vest of Might Light Armour lvl 65
White Dye Recipe Recipe