Roscoe Standish (Warden Trainer), Warden Trainer  

Race: Man
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Archet, Archet (pre-instance)
Found in Areas: Archet, Archet (pre-instance)
Location: 25.5S, 49.1W (pre-instance)
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Locations with maps: Archet
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    Roscoe Standish
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Bullroarer's Boy Book lvl 39 9s 60c
Chieftains of the Dunedain Book lvl 39 189s 60c
Fire-oil Recipe Recipe 6s 84c
Light-oil Recipe Recipe 15s 24c
Oil Wash Oil lvl 20 60s
Pure Fire-oil Recipe Recipe 24s 80c
Refined Fire-oil Recipe Recipe 22s 48c
Refined Light-oil Recipe Recipe 24s 76c
Shield-spike Removal Kit Shield Spike 60s
Simple Fire-oil Oil lvl 20 6s
The Watch Against the Night Book lvl 39 189s 60c