Race: Man
Difficulty: Arch-Nemesis
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 51
Max Morale: 134,569
Max Power: 17,470
Found in Zones: Misty Mountains
Found in Areas: Bavor Wyrm-brand's Tomb, Helegrod
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Some of these items listed above do not actually drop from Grisgart they appear in a chest behind him after he is killed.

NameTypeMin Level
Beast-master Gloves Light Armour lvl 50
Chainmail Leggings of Fleetness Heavy Armour lvl 50
Drugoth's Crown Quest Item
Dwarf Leather Shoulder Guards of Might Medium Armour lvl 50
Helegrod Angmarim Emblem Barter Item
Necklace of the Worm Neck lvl 62
Othlos Finger lvl 50
Rondbalk Heavy Shield lvl 50
Shoes of Barahir Medium Armour lvl 50
Stalker's Boots Medium Armour lvl 50
Uluithiad Medium Armour lvl 50
War-captain's Boots Heavy Armour lvl 50