Sunday, October the 21st, 2012

New Quests: Easterlings at the UndeepA Greater EnemyReason for AlarmWar Comes to RohanInstance: War Comes to RohanDevastation in the North

New Items: War-steedMordor Steel Glossy FeatherSnapped WingOak Sapwood BranchFallen Rohirrim's ClubUtred's Decorated BreatplateRefugee's Ragged Shoes

New Mobs: Ford Watchman (Watchtower)Ford Watchman (North Watchtower)Invading Easterling Cat-keeperBattle-catEasterling InvaderInvading Easterling SorcererSpying CrabanWinged TerrorEasterling SoldierWold BrigandEastmund (South Undeep)Townsperson (Langhold) Utred's War-steedLanghold DefenderThe Reaver of KhandDala (Tunbert's Farm)Cillan (Harwick Stables)Stable Guard

New Skills: Wold - Travel Discount War-steed: MediumWar-steed Riding

New Deeds: Known to the WoldFriend to the Wold

New Objects: Tasks Bulletin Board (Wold)

New Titles: Known to the WoldFriend to the Wold

Updated Objects: Heavy Oak BranchesOak Branches

Updated Titles: Survivor of Langhold

Updated Quests: The River Watch Patrol

Updated Items: Hammer of the StarkhornShield of ArchetJade GemstoneTome of Vitality ITome of Vitality IITome of Vitality IIITome of Will ITome of Will IITome of Will IIITome of Vitality IVTome of Vitality VTome of Will IVTome of Will VTome of Might IVTome of Might VTome of Rouse SpiritPunctured ShieldPainted BeakDecorative Sword SheathSilver Token of the RiddermarkScrap of Rohirric TextRiddermark HidePiece of Sealed WaxRed AgateEastemnet Jeweller Scroll Case Eastemnet Cook's Scroll CaseEastemnet Metalsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Scholar's Scroll CaseEastemnet Tailor's Scroll CaseEastemnet Weaponsmith's Scroll CaseEastemnet Woodworker's Scroll CaseSealed Gold Setting of Clear ThoughtSealed Gold Setting of the Abyssal DepthsSealed Gold Setting of PrecisionSealed Gold Setting of Grace

Updated Mobs: DalaThane UtredCillanHigboldWold GrazerEastemnet BoarWold RuffianCadda (Langhold)HeburgaBoyGirlUtmundWold ArcherEastmundFord Watchman (South Watchtower)

Updated Areas: Harwick


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