Monday, December the 5th, 2011

New Items: Map to Angmar - Imlad BalchorthOrnate Heritage Rune of LegendMap to Dunland - Grimbold's Camp

New Mobs: Light ArmourJewellery and CloaksCosmeticsHeavy ArmourLegendary ItemsCraftingClassicMedium Armour

Updated Items: Gleaming Edhelharn TokenBracers of the BearLucheregGilnorPot of Ringnen SalveFlask of Imladris MiruvorFlagon of Imladris MiruvorFlask of Ringnen SalveNecklace of the WormSigil of WarStoutwallThindrisWall of AnnuminasSapphire ShardRuby ShardAdamant ShardDourhand CrestsBeryl ShardMirhigilCuthoronAmdirolfMaethigilCrimson Gorthorog HornRaspberry TartMaster Weaponsmith Scroll CaseMaster Tailor Scroll Case Master Woodworker Scroll CaseMaster Metalworker Scroll Case Master Jeweller Scroll Case The Skull of ThorogJourneyman Jeweller Scroll Case Journeyman Metalworker Scroll Case Journeyman Tailor Scroll Case Journeyman Woodworker Scroll CaseJourneyman Weaponsmith Scroll CaseArtisan Jeweller Scroll CaseArtisan Tailor Scroll CaseArtisan Metalworker Scroll CaseArtisan Weaponsmith Scroll CaseArtisan Woodworker Scroll CaseSilver-strand NecklaceSpear of the BloodlessCold-bear's CanineExpert Jeweller Scroll Case Expert Metalworker Scroll CaseExpert Tailor Scroll CaseExpert Weaponsmith Scroll CaseExpert Woodworker Scroll CaseDistilled Athelas EssenceRusted Dwarf ToolsDead-reaverVermin-slayerDark-banisherWild FighterKhuzdul TabletsTattered BookmarkBeaded Gemstone BraceletMentor's EarringMithril FlakeWorm-fighterGiant-fighterChest of ChanceChest of HeritageChest of RunicsSupreme Tailor Scroll CaseSupreme Weaponsmith Scroll CaseSupreme Woodworker Scroll CaseSupreme Scholar Scroll CaseSupreme Metalworker Scroll CaseSupreme Jeweller Scroll CaseArtisan Scholar Scroll CaseExpert Scholar Scroll Case Journeyman Scholar Scroll Case Master Scholar Scroll Case Uruk Helmet with Stuffed CrabanDrop of Hard ResinFairy Flax FibreChunk of Bright BrimstoneHard WhetstoneChunk of Pink Rock-saltDrop of Amber ResinPale Flax FibreSprig of AllspiceSprig of Mugwort Chunk of White Rock-saltChunk of Pale BrimstoneBree Flax FibreSmall WhetstoneDrop of Ashy ResinRushlight CandleSkirmish MarkEsquire's Cape of EruilanWhite Hair - WomanDim CandleFootman's Heavy Helm of EruilanSergeant-at-Arms' Light Hat of AdlanFootman's Medium Helm of EruilanTarnished Heritage Rune of LearningBright LampCompendium of Middle-earth, Volume ISymbol of CelebrimborThe Tale of ElendilFur and ShieldsChunk of Clear Rock-saltRelief from GondamonThorin's BustSprig of Woolly MintCompendium of Middle-earth, Volume IIScroll of RenewalFused Bronze RelicsFused Copper RelicsChunk of Grey Rock-saltScroll of DelvingSprig of ThymeChunk of Dusty BrimstoneMaster Metalworker Scroll Case from Thorin's HallMaster Jeweller Scroll Case from Thorin's HallChunk of Blue Rock-saltOrnate CandleMedallion of MoriaScroll of Lesser EmpowermentLesser Scroll of DelvingScroll of EmpowermentFused Profound Relics Soft WhetstoneDecorated Heritage Rune of LoreBeeswax CandleChunk of Dark BrimstoneFlat WhetstoneYellow Flax FibreDrop of Black ResinCommon Flax FibreDrop of Sticky ResinChunk of Crude BrimstoneCrude WhetstoneTallow CandleFused Iron RelicsFused Early RelicsChunk of Prilled BrimstoneChunk of Yellow Rock-saltRound Whetstone Drop of Soft ResinSprig of ParsleyDecorated Heritage Rune of KnowledgeCold-bear's FurBulk Khazad-bronze Ingot RecipeBulk Extraordinary Leather Recipe Bulk Bronze Ingot RecipeBulk Khazad-iron Ingot RecipeBulk Khazad-tin Ingot RecipeBulk Khazad-gold Ingot RecipeBulk Khazad-steel Ingot RecipeBulk Treated Rowan RecipeBulk Light Leather RecipeBulk Treated Ash RecipeBulk Medium Leather RecipeBulk Treated Yew RecipeBulk Sturdy Leather RecipeBulk Treated Lebethron RecipeBulk Pristine Leather RecipeBulk Treated Black Ash RecipeBulk Exceptional Leather RecipeBulk Treated Ilex RecipeBulk Treated Mallorn RecipeBulk Magnificent Leather RecipeBulk Copper Ingot RecipeBulk Tin Ingot RecipeBulk Silver Ingot RecipeBulk Barrow-iron Ingot RecipeBulk Low-grade Steel Ingot RecipeBulk Rich Iron Ingot RecipeBulk Gold Ingot RecipeBulk High-grade Steel Ingot Recipe Bulk White Gold Ingot RecipeBulk Dwarf-iron Ingot RecipeBulk Platinum Ingot RecipeBulk Dwarf-steel Ingot RecipeGreat Barrow MarkHigh-protector's GlovesHigh-protector's BootsHigh-protector's LeggingsHigh-protector's BreastplateHigh-protector's ShouldersHigh-protector's HelmHigh-protector's GlovesHigh-protector's BootsHigh-protector's LeggingsHigh-protector's BreastplateHigh-protector's ShouldersHigh-protector's HelmMysterious Heritage Rune of Legend TollangFused Aged RelicsTome of Continuing ExperienceGolden Flax FibreMedallion of the North-menBracelet of BrawlingRing of BrawlingGilded InkwellBracelet of RenewingRing of RenewingBracelet of LearningRing of LearningBracelet of SeekingRing of SeekingDeath-shroudHood of NightThrone of NightBroken Throne of NightTomb of Night Legs of the StalwartShoulders of the SpecterScowling HelmGauntlets of TruthAmbition's ArmourRugged Scale BootsStudded Leather ShouldersHelm of the VigilantSupple Leather GlovesFalconer's ShirtRoad-warrior's ShoesFighter's LeggingsGloves of the EastEmroidered Robe of NightThe Tutor's Trim TrousersHead-rest ShouldersLofty-thoughtsRuned Walking StaffMercenary's Heavy BladeComfortable Traveling ShoesWayfarer's Leather CuirassSellsword's Dented GauntletsHeavy Steel HatchetSharpened Ranger's KnifeThick Cotton GlovesCured Thick-Leather HelmIron-scale ShoulderguardsMarcher's Steel-tipper JavelinWell-balanced Breeland LongswordElaborately-stitched Archivist's RobeLeather Riding LeggingsSailor's CharmForgotten JewelWayfarer's BowNotched Walking StaffTrusty Bree-land ClubPolished Forester's AxeDiscarded GreatswordBreeland Watcher's HalberdTraveler's KnifeFaded Obsidian Rune StoneGilded QuillStowed Threadbare CloakIllicit CoinDusty Seafarer's CloakYellowed Boar TuskRecovered Sailor's CloakDusty Cotton LeggingsSpearman's ShoulderguardsSellsword's Rusty BootsCold-bear's ClawDaeramathCru-cledhuWhite Hand ShieldGolden Spear-headFeredillochArmband of GiantsRing of FulfillmentArastanClub of the Strong-armEtched TabletGreat Hammer of HeartEdge of ValarWestfold Athelas EssenceDecorated Heritage Rune of LegendDunland Milkthistle SalveScroll of Greater EmpowermentFused Deep RelicsGreater Scroll of Delving Shard

Updated Mobs: Bungo BrockhouseCarfinnelFaugrienBudi GreatsmithIsenbar TookBetony DigginsGarnet BrockhouseGibica BroadshouldersBorgundNed SandheaverKolgrimurWaldric GoodsmialsGondulHam BurrowsFrei StrongshieldSiggirWilcome GrubbWaldric GoodsmialsGondulBranhirilBellethTom MuddyfootGotiFolkiBroddiIorecthelMithrendanCommon Wood-stalkerTrained Warg


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