Tuesday, March the 16th, 2010

New Quests: Consignment: Fine WoodConsignment: Valuable Ore

New Items: Work Order: Fine WoodKey for Fine WoodClinkerCharm of DefenceCharm of AvoidanceWork Order: Valuable OreKey for Valuable Ore

New Objects: Pile of Fine WoodCrate of Valuable Ore

Updated Objects: Crate of Common OreCrate of Uncommon OreCrate of Rare Ore

Updated Quests: Consignment: Soft WoodConsignment: Common OreConsignment: Hard WoodConsignment: Rare OreConsignment: Uncommon OreConsignment: Wood

Updated Items: SapphireChunk of Copper OreKey for Soft WoodChunk of Ancient Iron OreLog of Ash WoodChunk of Barrow-iron OreChunk of Gold OreKindling MaterialLog of Lebethron WoodChunk of Platinum OreChunk of Rich Iron OreLog of Rowan WoodChunk of Silver OreChunk of Tin OreWork Order: Common OreWork Order: Rare OreWork Order: Uncommon OreRubyChunk of Misty Mountain Silver OreLog of Black Ash WoodWork Order: WoodLog Yew WoodA Shot in the DarkThe Way of the HunterTasgall's Gift of ValourWork Order: Soft Wood Work Order: Hard WoodKey for Common OreKey for WoodKey for Hard WoodKey for Uncommon OreKey for Rare OreMark of TriumphThe Furthest ChargePainted Vane

Updated Mobs: Flambard TookJuniper SmithDarren MillsBolo BoffinErydhrielGlanwenForeman OriMiner OnarJolfurDagfinnMallenhadhGaellantForeman ElmwoodWoodcutter HornbeamReklarOkkoJongirMalenfileg


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