Friday, May the 23rd, 2008

New Items: Celebrant Salve RecipeIron Tailor's Tools RecipeHeavy Iron Mace RecipeDwarf Quilted VestGreen Hill Hops Crop RecipeGreen Hill HopsGreen Hill Hops Field RecipeGreen Hill Hops Seed RecipeGreen Hill Hops SeedUmbel Hops Crop RecipeUmbel HopsUmbel Hops Field RecipeUmbel Hops Seed RecipeUmbel Hops SeedWinter Barley Crop RecipeWinter Barley Field RecipeWinter Barley Seed RecipeWinter Barley SeedWoven CloakHeavy Dwarf-make Bronze Leggings RecipeHeavy Dwarf-make Bronze Leggings

New Mobs: Newborn Spider Hatchling

New Objects: Spider Web Rich Copper Deposit

Updated Objects: Copper DepositTin DepositRowan BranchesDwarf-iron DepositLebethron BranchesYew BranchesHeavy Lebethron BranchesDwarf Iron DepositSuperior Grain FarmlandSuperior Pipe-weed FarmlandSuperior Vegetable FarmlandAncient Iron DepositBlack Ash BranchesCollection of Medium HidesGold DepositPile of Soft WoodPile of WoodBarrow Iron DepositAsh BranchesPlatinum DepositSilver DepositRich Dwarf-Iron DepositCrate of Common OreCrate of Uncommon OreResearched Esoteric LoreResearched Common LoreResearched Ancient Lore

Updated Quests: Consignment: Soft WoodConsignment: Ancient LoreConsignment: Common LoreConsignment: Esoteric LoreConsignment: Common OreConsignment: Hard WoodConsignment: Light HidesConsignment: Sturdy HidesConsignment: Medium HidesConsignment: Rare OreConsignment: Uncommon OreConsignment: Wood

Updated Items: Lesser Essence of AthelasMushroom PieLight Banded BucklerHand AxeForged Spiked MaceStriking HammerLeather LeggingsShort Stick BowHeavy Striking HammerHeavy Iron MaceBlackberry SeedBlueberry SeedCabbage SeedCarrot Crop RecipeCarrot Field RecipeCarrot SeedCarrot Seed RecipeCauliflower SeedEarth of EreborFertilizerGreen Onion SeedLongbottom Leaf SeedMushroom Crop RecipeMushroom Field RecipeMushroom SeedMushroom Seed RecipePurified Farming WaterRaspberry SeedRushlight Pipe-weed Field RecipeRushlight Pouches RecipeRushlight Seeds RecipeSoil of LorienSoil of RivendellSouthern Star SeedSouthlinch SeedStrawberry SeedSweet Galenas SeedSweet Lobelia Pipe-weed Field RecipeSweet Lobelia Pouches RecipeSweet Lobelia Seeds RecipeTater SeedWater for FarmingBlueberry Crop RecipeBlueberry Field RecipeBlueberry Seed RecipeCross-breed Muddy Foot Field RecipeCross-breed Tighfield Choice Field RecipeHornblower Pipe-Weed Field RecipeHornblower Pouches RecipeHornblower Seeds RecipeMuddy Foot Pipe-weed Field RecipeMuddy Foot Pouches RecipeMuddy Foot Seeds RecipeTater Crop RecipeTater Field RecipeTater Seed RecipeTighfield Choice Pipe-weed Field RecipeTighfield Choice Pouches RecipeTighfield Choice Seeds RecipeCross-breed Wizard's Fire RecipeCross-breed Eagle's Nest RecipeCross-breed Gamwich Braid RecipeEagle's Nest Pipe-weed RecipeEagle's Nest Pouches RecipeEagle's Nest Seeds RecipeGamwich Braid Pipe-weed RecipeGamwich Braid Pouches RecipeGamwich Braid Seeds RecipeRaspberry Crop RecipeRaspberry Field RecipeRaspberry Seed RecipeCauliflower Crop RecipeCauliflower Field RecipeCauliflower Seed RecipeCross-breed Dragonsbreath Field RecipeCross-breed Roper's Twist Field RecipeOld Toby Pipe-weed Field RecipeOld Toby Pouches RecipeOld Toby Seeds RecipeRoper's Twist Pipe-weed Field RecipeRoper's Twist Pouches RecipeRoper's Twist Seeds RecipeLight HideMedium HideAgateAmethystDull Edhelharn Token RecipeGlittering Copper Necklace RecipeSapphireCoalCopper OreKey for Soft WoodAged Scrap of TextCopper SaltsCryptic TextEarly Third Age RelicFaded Sindarin PassagesRelic of LothlorienRuined Second Age TrinketSiennaHeavy Bronze Axe RecipeHeavy Iron Headman's Axe RecipeHeavy Rowan Spear RecipeAncient Iron OreAsh WoodBarrow-iron OreDwarf-Iron OreGold OreKindling MaterialLebethron WoodPlatinum OreRich Iron OreRowan WoodSilver OreSturdy HideTin OreTorn Craftsman's DiaryHeavy Pick HammerStraight Long AxeWizard's Fire Pipe-weed RecipeWizard's Fire Pouches RecipeWizard's Fire Seeds RecipeWorn Tablet FragmentWoven Necklace of VigourEarring of the MarinerYellow Onion SeedLight Banded BucklerDwarf Leather ShirtCelebrant SalveRubyWoven Cloak of MightSilver RingCopper CuffBlack Ash WoodShort Stick Bow of ArdaFighting DaggerHeavy Padded Gloves RecipeHeavy Padded Armour RecipeGlittering Copper Ring RecipePadded Gloves of FleetnessDwarf Leather LeggingsHeavy Rowan Staff RecipeHeavy Rowan Crossbow RecipePristine HidePrepared Umbel Hops RecipeLute Strings of Greater Sublety RecipeKey for Medium HideYew WoodHeavy Rowan Hammer RecipeNorth Downs HopsFarming ToolsEnduring Leather GlovesEssence of Athelas RecipeLesser Healing SalveLesser Milkthistle SalveGolding Hops Field RecipeGolding Hops Crop RecipeGolding Hops SeedGolding Hops Seed RecipeOat Field RecipeLute Strings of Subtlety RecipeNorth Downs Hops Crop RecipeNorth Downs Hops Field RecipeNorth Downs Hops SeedNorth Downs Hops Seed RecipeOat Crop RecipeOat SeedOat Seed RecipePride of Chetwood Hops Crop RecipePride of Chetwood Hops Field RecipePride of Chetwood Hops SeedPride of Chetwood Hops Seed RecipeShire Sweet-leafShire Sweet-leaf Field RecipeShire Sweet-leaf Pouches RecipeShire Sweet-leaf SeedShire Sweet-leaf Seeds RecipeSpring Barley Crop RecipeSpring Barley Field RecipeSpring Barley SeedSpring Barley Seed RecipeHeavy Pick HammerRaspberry TartKey for Light HideKey for Sturdy HidesKey for Common OreKey for WoodKey for Hard WoodKey for Uncommon OreKey for Rare OreKey for Common LoreKey for Esoteric LoreKey for Ancient Lore

Updated Mobs: Gramsfoot PiercerBindbole WeaverBindbole SpinnerGramsfoot AdvancerBlue-crag NoviceBlue-crag SpoilerBlue-crag TrapperOlo Proudfoot

Updated Areas: OverhillBindbole Wood


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