Thursday, May the 22nd, 2008

New Quests: Consignment: Sturdy Hides

New Items: Key for Light HideKey for Sturdy HidesWork Order: Soft Wood Work Order: Hard WoodKey for Common OreKey for WoodKey for Hard WoodKey for Uncommon OreKey for Rare OreKey for Common LoreKey for Esoteric LoreKey for Ancient Lore

New Mobs: Dark RunnerBando WendingwayAster BracegirdleBasil Goodbody

Updated Objects: Collection of Medium HidesCollection of Sturdy HidesPile of Soft WoodPile of WoodPile of Hard WoodCollection of Light HidesCrate of Common OreCrate of Uncommon OreCrate of Rare OreResearched Esoteric LoreResearched Common LoreResearched Ancient Lore

Updated Quests: Consignment: Soft WoodConsignment: Ancient LoreConsignment: Common LoreConsignment: Esoteric LoreConsignment: Common OreConsignment: Hard WoodConsignment: Light HidesConsignment: Medium HidesConsignment: Rare OreConsignment: Uncommon OreConsignment: Wood

Updated Items: Light HideMedium HideBronze Blade MouldBronze Cutlery MouldFine Glass LensHigh-Grade Steel Blade MouldHigh-Grade Steel Cutlery MouldPolished Glass LensRough Glass LensSpool of Bronze WireSpool of High-Grade Steel WireSpool of Low-Grade Steel WireLong Ash ShaftLong Rowan ShaftLong Yew ShaftShort Ash ShaftShort Rowan ShaftShort Yew ShaftKey for Soft WoodBall of TwineGut StringsAsh WoodKindling MaterialRowan WoodSturdy HideWork Order: Common OreWork Order: Rare OreWork Order: Uncommon OreWooden PegsWork Order: Light HidesWork Order: Medium HidesWork Order: Sturdy HidesKey for Medium HideWork Order: WoodSmithing HammerWoodworking ToolsWork Order: Ancient LoreWork Order: Common LoreWork Order: Esoteric Lore

Updated Mobs: Researcher MallennorArchivist ArodelForeman OriMiner OnarTanner BoffinSkinner GrubbForeman ElmwoodWoodcutter Hornbeam

Updated Guides: Understanding the Guardian


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