Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

New Items: Dazzling EmeraldFirey QuartzGlowing Red RubyPristine OpalGillosJeweled BellGlorfindel's BandEdhelharlosShoulders of the Seven FathersAncient Steel Ingot RecipeElven-steel Ingot RecipeDwarf Quilted Vest of MightShining Quilted ShirtExquisite Radiant RobeElven RobeEnduring Dwarf Padded Vest of FateQuilted Shirt of FleetnessTough Quilted JacketCuirass of MirkwoodDwarf Superb Traveller's ArmourElf Exquisite Radiant ArmourElf Superb Traveller's ArmourElven Cloth VestElven Quilted Shirt of VigourElf Exquisite Galadhrim BootsElf Exquisite Galadhrim LeggingsElf Superb Galadhrim LeggingsElf Superb Outriders' LeggingsElf Superb Outriders' Shoulder Guards New Recipes: Ancient Steel IngotAncient Steel IngotElf Superb Outriders' Shoulder Guards

Updated Quests: Fighting BackThe Troll-keeperPassage to Darkness

Updated Items: Light Bronze Buckler RecipeCoalAncient Iron OreBoiled Sturdy LeatherEmbossed Leather BraceReinforced Leather PadsEnduring Dwarf Padded Vest of FateShort SwordQuilted Shirt of DeterminationWesternesse Steel IngotAncient Iron IngotLaerdan's AxeShining Quilted VestPrecise Ancient Steel SwordDwarf-Steel Scholar's GlassSuperior Ancient Steel Scholar's GlassDwarf-steel Scholar's Glass RecipeAncient Steel Scholar's GlassRuby ShardExplorer's RobeRothgar's AxeThick Cotton RobeElf Exquisite Radiant GlovesElf Exquisite Travellers' GlovesTurquoise EarringElf Superb Traveller's RecipeGilechor


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