Asgal (Forge-master), Forge-masterThe Great Delving Dolven-view 
Belegdaniel (Forge-master)Lothlorien Mekhem-bizru 
Brosa (Forge-master), Forge-masterThe Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Cargul Forge-masterMoria The Ghost-forge 
Coid Isbrun, Forge-masterEnedwaith Maur Tulhau 
Faemir (Forge-master), Forge-masterMirkwood The Haunted Inn 
Faruith (Forge-master), Forge-masterMirkwood Estolad Mernael 
Forge-master (Forge-master)Rivendell The Forges of Rivendell, Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall 
Forge-master (Aculf's Camp) , Forge-masterThe Great River Aculf's Camp 
Forge-master (Cuthstan)The Great River The Cuthstan 
Forge-master (Etheburg) The Great River Etheburg 
Forge-master (General Store), Forge-masterThe Wold Langhold General Store 
Forge-master (Parth Celebrant) , Forge-masterThe Great River Parth Celebrant 
Forge-master (Stangard), Forge-masterStangard Legendary Item Store 
Frirek (Forge-master), Forge-masterDurin's Way The Chamber of the Crossroads 
Gladiel (Forge-master), Forge-masterMirkwood Thangulhad 
Guthrik (Forge-master), Forge-masterDurin's Way Jazargund, The Stone Hall 
Gwenneal (Forge-master), Forge-masterEnedwaith The Hall of Making 
Halmar (Forge-master), Forge-masterThe Water-Works The Rotting Cellar 
Horic (Forge-master), Forge-masterLothlorien Echad Andestel 
Istemil (Forge-master), Forge-masterMirkwood Amon Angened 
Kati (Forge-master), Forge-masterRedhorn Lodes The Orc-watch 
Oli (Forge-master), Forge-masterFoundations of Stone The Shadowed Refuge 
Orchith (Forge-master)Enedwaith Echad Dagoras 
Ospak (Forge-master), Forge-masterThe Flaming Deeps Anazarmekhem 
Rosar (Forge-master), Forge-masterThorin's Hall Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall 
Spaki (Forge-master), Forge-masterZelem-melek Crafting Bunker 
Tuluthriel (Forge-master), Forge-masterMirkwood Ost Galadh