Heavy Iron Headman's Axe  

Required Location: Forge
Skill: Weaponsmith
Tier: Journeyman
Tool: Smithing Hammer
Cooldown: 0 Hours
Points Earned: 8
Obtained:   Heavy Iron Headman's Axe RecipeHeavy Iron Headman's Axe Recipe
Components:  Barrow-iron IngotBarrow-iron Ingot x 2
Iron BladeIron Blade
Iron HiltIron Hilt
Mastery Component:  Blackened Barghest EarBlackened Barghest Ear (x 1)
Creates:  Heavy Iron Headman's AxeHeavy Iron Headman's Axe
Critical Success:  Hardened Iron Headman's AxeHardened Iron Headman's Axe

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