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Raid: Captain-General Makan of Tol Ascarnen 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Raid: Captain-General Meldun of Isendeep 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Raid: Grounding Golloval 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Report to Dar Gazag, Maggot 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Report to Lugazag 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Scour the Walls Clean 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Sergeant-at-Arms' Patches 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Set in Stone 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Slaughtering Eagles 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Sticks and Stones 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Stonewall Fandmau 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
Storming the Castle 50  Tol Ascarnen 
Taste of Elf 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Tasty Little Farmers and Gardeners 50 Ettenmoors Dar-gazag 
Tasty Little Legs 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Tasty Little Toes 50 Ettenmoors Grothum 
These People Be Pests 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
To Tirith Rhaw 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Tools for the Mine 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Tribute to the Tyrant 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Trolls in the Ettenmoors 50 Ettenmoors Gramsfoot 
Walls of Lugazag 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Weapons of War 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
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