Quests by Type: Fellowship

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Forochel: Sari-surma 65 Mirkwood Global 
Fractured and Shattered 60 Foundations of Stone The Shadowed Refuge 
Free the Fallen 20 North Downs Fields of Fornost 
Further Upstream 50 Angmar Gath Forthnir 
Fushath The Beast 45 Angmar Donnvail 
Gaeruan's Rage 48 Angmar Eastern Malenhad 
Garth Agarwen: Fortress 32 Middle-earth Global 
Gem-hunter 47 Angmar Eastern Malenhad 
Giant Problems 30 Bree-town Bree 
Glinghant Corrupted 50 Evendim Annuminas 
Gobbled Goblins 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Goblin-town: Throne Room 50 Middle-earth Global 
Great Barrow: Sambrog 24 Middle-earth Global 
Great Barrow: Thadur 22 Middle-earth Global 
Great Barrow: The Maze 20 Middle-earth Global 
Grimbark's Reclamation 31 Bree-land Old Forest 
Guards of Lugazag 50 Ettenmoors Tirith Rhaw 
Half-orc Schemer 28 North Downs Greenway 
Half-shell 43 Angmar Malenhad 
Haunted Forest 16 The Old Forest Old Forest 
Heading West 24 Southern Barrow-downs Southern Barrow-downs 
Heft and Haft 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Heritage Restored 31 North Downs Rusfold 
Heroics (Optional) 58 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Hewing the Wood 37 Evendim Northern Emyn Uial 
Hive Mind 60 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Hoarhallow's Dwindling Food 50 Ettenmoors Coldfells 
II.4.7 Tale: The Drowned Treasury 57 Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
II.6.8 Tale: New Devilry 60 Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
Impure Waters 50 Evendim Annuminas 
In Their Absence, Chapter 1 65 Bree-town Bree 
Infected Kergrim-samples 60 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Infected Samples 60 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
Instance (Fellowship): Retake Weathertop 23 Lone-Lands The Weather Hills 
Instance: (Fellowship) The Red-Pass 30 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Instance: A Gift for the North 8 The Shire Pinglade 
Instance: Ancient Lair 44 Angmar Western Malenhad 
Instance: Assault on Rath Teraig 12 Ered Luin Rath Teraig 
Instance: Attack on Zudrugund 65 Enedwaith Thror's Coomb 
Instance: Barad Tironn 50 Evendim Barad Tironn 
Instance: Echoes of the Dead 65 Enedwaith The Forsaken Road 
Instance: Emissary of Goblin-town 50 Angmar Nan Gurth 
Instance: Emissary of the Dourhands 50 Angmar Nan Gurth 
Instance: Emissary of the Trev Durvardain 50 Angmar Nan Gurth 
Instance: Emissary of the White-hand 50 Angmar Nan Gurth 
Instance: Ergothorn Elf-friend 65 Enedwaith Lich Bluffs 
Instance: Fire and Ice 43 Misty Mountains Helegrod Treasury 
Instance: Homestead Defence 69 Dunland Starkmoor 
Instance: Laerdan's Escape 50 Angmar Carn Dum 
Instance: New Devilry 60 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone