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Chapter 6: Thror's Hammer 48 Thorin's Gate Thorin's Hall 
Chapter 7: Attack on Zudrugund 65 Enedwaith Nan Laeglin 
Chapter 7: The Drowned Treasury 57 Zelem-melek The Twenty-first Hall 
Chapter 8: Fire and Ice 43 Rivendell The Last Homely House 
Chapter 8: The Gates of Carn Dûm 49 Angmar Gath Forthnir 
Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail 40 Rivendell Rivendell Valley 
Chieftain Gursh 51 Eregion Mirobel 
Cleanse the Ruins of Sarnur 45 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Collecting History 23 Northern Barrow-downs Northern Barrow-downs 
Commander Tarsh 53 Eregion Mirobel 
Counter Assault 50 Ettenmoors Hoardale 
Crawlers of the Crags 50 Ettenmoors Tol Ascarnen 
Cutting off the Hand 31 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Dark Deeds in Sammath Gul 65 Mirkwood Dol Guldur 
Dark Defilers 56 The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Dead Water 32 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Defeat the Cavern Horrors 45 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Defence of Isendeep 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Defence of the Lumber Camp 50 Ettenmoors Hithlad 
Defence of the Prancing Pony 50 Bree-town Bree 
Defence of the Prancing Pony -- Daily 50 Middle-earth Global 
Defend Us 50 Ettenmoors Arador's End 
Defenders of the Fortress 65 Forochel Sari-surma 
Defending the Herd 26 North Downs Kingsfell 
Depleted Crystals 56 The Silvertine Lodes The Silvertine Lodes 
Disarming the Valley 32 North Downs Meluinen 
Dispatch the Snow-trolls 45 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall 
Dol Guldur: Sammarh Gul 65 Middle-earth Global 
Drawing The Pack 25 Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
Dwarf-beards 50 Ettenmoors Steps of Gram 
Elders in the Shadows 26 Lone-Lands Ost Guruth 
Eliminating the Beasts 32 North Downs Fields of Fornost 
Emergency Rations 50 Ettenmoors Tol Ascarnen 
End Dolvaethor's Menace 50 Evendim Annuminas 
Ending Terror 50 Angmar Himbar 
Ending the Elder 35 North Downs Fields of Fornost 
Enemies of Lothlorien‏ 60 Zelem-melek Zelem-melek 
Enemies of the Eglain 25 Lone-Lands Nain Enidh 
Evil's Final Chapter 24 Southern Barrow-downs Southern Barrow-downs 
Falco's Garden 9 Bree-land Staddle 
Fallen Oak 31 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Fangs for Arrows 50 Ettenmoors Lugazag 
Fell Spirits 32 Lone-Lands Agamaur 
Fell the Trolls 37 North Downs Fields of Fornost 
Fighting the Brood 40 Trollshaws North Trollshaws 
Fixing Falco's Folly 11 Bree-land Staddle 
Flags of the Free Peoples 50 Ettenmoors Tol Ascarnen 
Food and Shelter 30 North Downs Esteldin 
Fool's Crown 37 Evendim Northern Emyn Uial 
Forces of the South 58 Redhorn Lodes Redhorn Lodes