Quests starting in Bree

A Fern By Any Other Name.... 10 Bree-town Bree 
A Fistful of Flowers 10 Bree-town Bree 
A Lore-master's Will 30 Bree-town Bree 
A Minstrel's Hope 30 Bree-town Bree 
A Plea From Lainedhel 45 Bree-town Bree 
A Postman's Badge 10 Bree-town Bree 
A Tour of Bree 14 Bree-town Bree 
A Well-Ordered Mind 15 Bree-town Bree 
A-courting Bree Will Go 10 Bree-town Bree 
An Inspiration to Men 15 Bree-town West Gate 
Barrow-treasure 42 Bree-town Bree 
Barrow-treasure -- Introduction 20 Bree-town Bree 
Big Problems 30 Bree-town Bree 
Book 1: Chapter 1: Unravelling the Thread 15 Bree-town Bree 
Book II, Foreword: Aiding the Order 22 Bree-town Bree 
Bree-spear 42 Bree-town Bree 
Bree-spear -- Introduction 42 Bree-town Bree 
Bree-town to Trestlebridge 20 Bree-town Bree 
Candac's Delay 22 Bree-town Bree 
Cardolan Trinket -- Introduction 42 Bree-town Bree 
Chapter 10: Trailing Angmar 50 Bree-town Bree 
Chapter 2: To a Constable's Aid 15 Bree-town Bree 
Chapter 5: The Other Riders 15 Bree-town Bree 
Chapter 8: Master of the Wood 18 Bree-town Bree 
Chapter 9: The Barrows of Haudh Iarchith 50 Bree-town Bree 
Crafting: Bronze for Bree-town 15 Bree-town Bree 
Crafting: Seward Proudfoot's First Breakfast 15 Bree-town Bree 
Crafting: Verity Tyne Has Lost Her Ring 15 Bree-town Bree 
Defence of the Prancing Pony 50 Bree-town Bree 
Family Treasures 9 Bree-town Bree 
Festival Ticket 10 Bree-town Bree 
Fireworks in Bree 10 Bree-town Bree 
Foray Into the Barrow-downs 16 Bree-town Bree 
Foreword: An Unwanted Guest 15 Bree-town Bree 
Gathering Ancient Texts 20 Bree-town Bree 
Gathering Cave-moss 20 Bree-town Bree 
Gathering the Shards 20 Bree-town Bree 
Giant Problems 30 Bree-town Bree 
Gifts -- A Delicate Bracelet 10 Bree-town Bree 
Grobo's Request 14 Bree-town Bree 
Haunted Alley 10 Bree-town Bree 
Healing Stores 9 Bree-town Bree 
Homesteads of Eriador (Bree) 15 Bree-land Bree 
In Their Absence, Chapter 1 65 Bree-town Bree 
Instance: A Spear at the Southern March 15 Bree-town Bree 
Instance: The Infiltrators' Surprise 14 Bree-town Bree 
Instance: Unravelling the Thread 15 Bree-town Bree 
Lost Invitations 10 Bree-town Bree 
Love is a Like a Flower 10 Bree-town Bree 
Meeting the Mayor 14 Bree-town Bree 
More Boar 1 Bree-town Bree 
Pipe-weed Delivery 9 Bree-town Bree 
Prey on the Darkness 20 Bree-town Bree 
Return to the Barrow-Downs 16 Bree-town Bree 
Ruins of Cardolan 18 Bree-town Bree 
Sparking an Interest 10 Bree-town Bree 
Stalker of Haudh Iarchith 20 Bree-town Bree 
Tad's Request 20 Bree-town Bree 
Task: Blackened Carapaces (Bree) 18 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Blackened Filth (Bree) 14 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Blackened Fur (Bree) 16 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Blackened Skin (Bree) 17 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Blackened Sword Sheaths (Bree) 17 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Broken Wooden Hatchets (Bree) 14 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Broken Wooden Maces (Bree) 16 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Bulbous Goo (Bree) 20 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Decrepit Finger Bones (Bree) 19 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Dusky Ears (Bree) 20 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Dusky Wings (Bree) 18 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Glistening Essence (Bree) 20 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Glistening Filth (Bree) 19 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Jagged Claws (Bree) 18 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Mossy Carapaces (Bree) 15 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Pitted Finger Bones (Bree) 19 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Wet Fur (Bree) 14 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Wet Skin (Bree) 15 Bree-land Bree 
Task: Worn Sword Sheaths (Bree) 15 Bree-land Bree 
The Ale Association Challenge: Staddle 10 Bree-town Bree 
The Ale Association Challenge: The Combe-gate 10 Bree-town Bree 
The Ale Association Challenge: The Prancing Pony 10 Bree-town Bree 
The Ale Association Challenge: The Stone Quarter 10 Bree-town Bree 
The Infiltrators' Surprise 14 Bree-town Bree 
The Trouble with the Southerners 14 Bree-town Bree 
Thievery and Mischief 30 Bree-town Bree 
Thistlewool's Sullied Name 22 Bree-town Bree 
Trouble in Buckland 14 Bree-town Bree 
Troves and Trickery -- Bree 11 Bree-town Bree 
Turtles in the Soup 14 Bree-town Bree 
Tutorial: Defence of The Prancing Pony 20 Bree-town Bree 
Tutorial: Thievery and Mischief 20 Bree-town Bree 
Viols 42 Bree-town Bree 
Viols -- Introduction 42 Bree-town Bree 
What Ale's You 1 Bree-town Bree 
Wooden Figurines 42 Bree-town Bree 
Wooden Figurines - Introduction 42 Bree-town Bree 

Quests involving Bree

A Blade of Renown 15 Middle-earth Global 
A Dwarf-made Blade 14 Bree-land Southern Bree-fields 
A Spear at the Southern March 15 Bree-land  
An Invitation to the Festival 1 Middle-earth Global 
Book 1, Chapter 3: Saeradan's Watchfulness 65 Lone-Lands Weather Hills (Bree-land) 
Candac's Delivery 15 Lone-Lands Annunlos 
Chapter 8: An Elf-friend of Eregion 50 Ered Luin Falathlorn 
Fireworks Exploration 30 The Shire Tookland 
Flying the Coop -- Breeland: Chicken Play 1 The Shire Sandson's Farm 
Foreword: An Unwanted Guest 15 Bree-town Bree 
Fresh Steed for Michel Delving 35 Bree-land The Horsefields 
Prologue: The One Called Strider 15 Ered Luin Haudh Lin 
Rest, My Brother 21 Northern Barrow-downs Northern Barrow-downs 
Song of the Hopeful Heart 58 Foundations of Stone Foundations of Stone 
The Anniversary Event 1 Middle-earth Global 
The Password 14 Bree-land Everclear Lakes 
Worse for Wear 5 Bree-land Combe 
Worse for Wear (Daily) 5 Bree-land The Horsefields 
Your Legend Grows (Hunter) 39 Middle-earth Global