Quests starting in Myrkworth

Banish the Spirits 49 Angmar Myrkworth 
Cease the Reign 50 Angmar Imlad Balchorth 
Destroy the Wights 47 Angmar Myrkworth 
Discovering the Source 49 Angmar Imlad Balchorth 
Eliminate the Darkwater 48 Angmar Myrkworth 
Foul Waters 48 Angmar Imlad Balchorth 
Mul Kholum, the Keeper of Books 48 Angmar Imlad Balchorth 
Purification of Death 48 Angmar Myrkworth 
Spirits of Old 47 Angmar Myrkworth 
The Cauldron of Death 49 Angmar Imlad Balchorth 
The Highwayman 48 Angmar Myrkworth 
The Tincture 48 Angmar Myrkworth 

Quests involving Myrkworth

The Northern Cousin 48 Angmar Eastern Malenhad