Quests starting in Tyl Ruinen

Rumming's Remaining Riddle 33 Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Rumming's Resolute Resolve 33 Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
Rumming's Ridiculous Request 33 Evendim Tyl Ruinen 
The Terrible Secret of the Salamanders 33 Evendim Tyl Ruinen 

Quests involving Tyl Ruinen

A Friend to the Kings of Old 38 Evendim Rushingdale 
Corrupted Beasts of Nenuial 38 Evendim Rushingdale 
The Burning Island 33 Evendim Lake Evendim 
The Corrupted Statue 38 Evendim Emyn Uial 
The Lost Statue 38 Evendim Tyrn Fornech