Quests starting in Combe

A Critical Strike 11 Bree-land Combe 
Beneath the Hanging Tree 7 Bree-land Combe 
Blackwold Thieves 10 Bree-land Combe 
Blackwold Valuables 9 Bree-land Combe 
Chapter 3: Blackwolds Broken 15 Bree-land Combe 
Chapter 3: Journey to Combe 50 Bree-land Combe 
Chapter 4: Dark Designs 15 Bree-land Combe 
Chasing Amdir 14 Bree-land Combe 
Consignment: Fine Wood 1 Bree-land Combe 
Consignment: Hard Wood 1 Bree-land Combe 
Consignment: Soft Wood 1 Bree-land Combe 
Consignment: Wood 1 Bree-land Combe 
Crafting: Geoffrey Fuller Hates Splinters 10 Bree-land Combe 
Crafting: Weapons for Leighton Howard 10 Bree-land Combe 
Cutleaf's Good Intentions 10 Bree-land Combe 
Earning Trust 5 Bree-land Combe 
Finding Amdir 8 Bree-land Combe 
Food-trough 5 Bree-land Combe 
Friendships Renewed 12 Bree-land Combe 
Gifts -- Delicious Pastries 10 Bree-land Combe 
Gifts -- Wooden Carving 10 Bree-land Combe 
Greater Responsibility 10 Bree-land Combe 
Healing Stores 9 Bree-land Combe 
Horse-bedding 5 Bree-land Combe 
Instance: Blackwolds Broken 12 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Cooking (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Farming (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Forestry (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Jewelcrafting (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Metalsmithy (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Prospecting (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Scholarship (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Tailoring (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Weaponsmithy (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Introduction to Woodworking (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Mourning the Dead 9 Bree-land Combe 
Practice Makes Perfect (Man) 1 Bree-land Combe 
Proof of Trust 5 Bree-land Combe 
Reconnecting Ties 9 Bree-land Combe 
Rurik Fennel, Locksmith 8 Bree-land Combe 
The Hideout 12 Bree-land Combe 
The Logger's Ledger 8 Bree-land Combe 
Treasure in the Web 8 Bree-land Combe 
Unpaid Debts 9 Bree-land Combe 
Water-bucket 5 Bree-land Combe 
Worse for Wear 5 Bree-land Combe 

Quests involving Combe

Chapter 3: Golodir's Request 50 Angmar Himbar 
Crafting: Strong of Arm and Sharp of Mind 7 Archet Archet 
Gifts -- A Delicate Bracelet 10 Bree-town Bree 
New Arrival in Combe 5 Middle-earth Global