Maw of Mazauk  

Start Zone: UNKNOWN
Start Area: Lugazag
Start Mob: Mazauk
Flags: Monster
Quest Level: 50
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'You trespass where you are not welcome, (your name). I shall allow this, for I know you mean to cull the enemy from our home, and I shall even pledge my bite to your effort for recompense.

'Long has my pack struggled to oust the Morningthaw-bears beyond the borders of the Misty Mountains. Long have we battled them and sometimes won. With the arrival of the Elves, the bears drove us back and flocked to their side. My pack came to your leaders and chose to work with them in service to Lugburz. I will order my pack to slaughter in Angmar's name, and now, I ask that you slaughter to sate my hunger.

'I want meat. Meat from the Morningthaw. Deliver me enough to sate the hunger of all my years, and I will drive the enemy from that tower by your side.'


Mazauk, a grizzled Warg of unknown years, pledges to join the battle against the enemy should you provide his den with the meat of his hated enemy, the Morningthaw-bears.

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