Gobbled Goblins  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Arador's End
Start Location: Grothum
Start Mob: Gasham
Flags: Monster, Repeatable, Fellowship
Destiny Granted: 750
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors
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    Wintersebb Drake


'Swoop down they do. You'll see when they come, flying on armoured wings, swooping into the tunnels, eating up a goblin in one gulp!

'Now you here to help. Snowreap help Angmar, Angmar help the Snowreap. Into the mine, out of the mine flying, walking, stalking, they seek us in the hills and snow. They are the ebb of winter and have fangs as tall as me!

'Kill the drakes, yes? Kill them to help the Snowreap.'


Gasham conveyed a tale of goblin-miners and goblins out and about from the village attacked by drakes stalking down from the mountain. He asked for your assistance in ridding the peaks of the beasts.


Objective 1
Defeat Wintersebb Drake(0/8)
Defeat Wintersebb Drakeling (0/8)