Thunder in the Mountains  

Prerequisite: Giant Country
Start Zone: Misty Mountains
Start Area: Western Bruinen Source
Start Location: Gloin's Camp
Start Mob: Gwaemithrin
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 1200 Elves of Rivendell
Cash Granted: 47s 60c
Quest Level: 47
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains
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    Thunder Lord


'The giants have always been fiercely independent, following a lord or chief only rarely. This Thunder-lord may have been elevated by Angmar or by Mordor, maintaining his position through strength of will and force of arms. If he commands the giants against us, we may not long survive their assault.

'We must defeat the Thunder-lord before he can extend his influence to any other giants in the mountains. It may be, too, that if the Thunder-lord can be defeated now, the giants who follow him will turn away from the path of war.

'The Thunder-lord must rule from the furthest reaches of Iorbar, south and east of the Giants' Table. Beware, for he must be a deadly opponent, and only a determined group of warriors could hope to defeat him. Once you have put an end to the Thunder-lord, deliver the news to Master Elrond in the library of Imladris at once.'


The Thunder-lord, leader of the giants, has ordered them to battle. If he can be defeated, this threat might fall with him.


Objective 1
Defeat the Thunder Lord