Haunted Lands  

Start Zone: Ered Luin
Start Area: Haudh Lin
Start Mob: Glamir
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 5c
Exp Granted: 496
Quest Level: 14
Min Level: 10
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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    Mound-wight Archer


'I have sorry news indeed, PLAYER. I have discovered the source of the evil that haunts this place.

'It seems that in the years of Arnor's wars with Angmar, the Witch-king sent fell spirits to stir the bones of the dead within the mounds of the Edain. We thought this foul sorcery was performed only upon the mounds of the Barrow-downs in Cardolan, but alas we were wrong. Wights stalk our lands, and we knew it not.

'Please forgive me, PLAYER, but I must ask you to fight these horrible things. Try to loosen their grip on Haudh Lin, while I search for a more permanent means of ridding the land of their presence.'


Glamir has found the source of the corruption of Haudh Lin -- a mound of evil wights.


Objective 1
Defeat the Mound-wight (0/5)
Defeat the Mound-wight Archer
The wights inhabit the mounds of Emyn Hoedh, east of the Grimwater.

Glamir has asked you to do battle against the mound-wights of Haudh Lin, while he searchs for a way to rid the land of their presence.

Objective 2
Talk to Glamir

Glamir is near the Grimwaterm west of Emyn Hoedh and north-east of Gondamon.

You should speak with Glamir and discover if he has found a way to defeat the wights once and for all.