A Patch in Time  

Prerequisite: Sprung a Leak
Leads To: The Flow to Noglond
Start Zone: Thorin's Gate
Start Area: Frerin's Court
Start Mob: Tindr
Items Needed:Quest Level: 6
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Frerin's Court


'Hurry! Take the mortar and make the repairs before the fissures expand. It's only a matter of time before the wall is breached.'


A fissure has opened in the great dwarf-canal leading down from Thorin's Hall, threatening to flood the Vale of Thrain.


Objective 1
Seal the fissure with Tindr's mortar (0/3)

Seal the fissure in the canal with the mortar Tindr made.

Objective 2
Talk to Tindr


The fissures are in the tunnel below the merchant area.

Go down the ramp into the mines, where you will see Laborers. There are three leaks in the walls with water pouring in (2 on left, 1 further down on the right. You can right click on the leak to seal them.