The Thickest of Skins, Part III  

Prerequisite: The Thickest of Skins, Part II
Requires Tradeskill: Tailor
Leads To: The Thickest of Skins, Part IV
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start NPC Type: Novice Tailor
Flags: Crafting
Quest Level: 25
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Locations with maps: Bree-land | Middle-earth
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'You have done some fine work with what you have had access to, (your name), but it is becoming clear that without a better working environment and tools of higher quality, you will not be able to reach your potential as a tailor.

'You should speak with Millicent Greenlake, a skilled worker of wood and leather supervising construction at Thornley's work-site in the Bree-fields north of Bree, for she may be able to give you access to better facilities.

'Tread carefully around her, (your name), for she does not have great reserves of patience.


Like a cut of leather that has been cured and prepared, you have gained a deal of toughness that you once did not possess, but you still lack the assured technique of the finest tailors.