The Thickest of Skins, Part I  

Requires Tradeskill: Tailor
Leads To: The Thickest of Skins, Part II
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start NPC Type: Novice Tailor
Flags: Crafting
Quest Level: 10
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Locations with maps: Bree-land | Middle-earth
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'Tailoring is not an easy discipline to learn, (your name), but if you can master its many complexities, you will be a great asset to those in need.

'Carver Greenlake, a young tailor of some skill, might be able to assist you with the development of some basic techniques. Look for him at Thornley's Work Site, north of the town of Bree.

'Beyond that, I really cannot say.'


The craft of tailoring is one that rewards methodical care with toughness and resilience.


Objective 1

Talk to Carver Greenlake

Carver Greenlake is at Thornley's Work Site, north of the town of Bree.

You have been instructed to speak with Carver Greenlake, a skilled tailor who may be able to aid you in your training.


This quest is extremely easy and very straightforward. Simply go to Thronley's Work Site at 26.4S 53.7W and talk to the NPC Carver Greenlake. That's the quest, you are easily granted Journeyman Tailor.