The Short Order Cook  

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    Rollo Hamson


'Michel Delving is well-known for having ovens of superior quality, where the finest meals can be prepared by a worthy cook. I have the authority to grant permission to use these ovens, and....

'Hold on there, my friend! Do not get your hopes up yet! I can grant you permission to use these superior ovens, but I will only do so if I am convinced of your skill!

'Take this note. Inside, you will find the names of some friends of mine, friends who work within five of the Shire's finest inns. Seek out these friends of mine and prepare whatever meals they ask of you. When all five are satisfied, I will see about granting you permission to use the superior ovens of Michel Delving.'


Rollo Hamson has asked you to travel to five of the Shire's finest inns and cook food for some of his friends at each.


Objective 1

  • Fill the orders of Rollo Hamson's friends
  • Rollo Hamson gave you a note containing the names of his friends that work in some of the Shire's finest inns.

    Rollo Hamson has suggested that he can give you access to the superior overs of Michel Delving if you prepare the meals his friends request.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Rollo Hamson
  • Rollo Hamson is at his home in Buckland, quite near to the Brandywine Bridge.

    Your delicious preparations have satisfied Rollo's friends, and he has surely decided to grant you permission to use the superior ovens of Michel Delving.


    Who to talk too, and what you need
    Rollo Bunce who is located at The Plough and Stars, Brockenborings
    1 Roasted Chicken
    1 Mushroom-pie
    3 Stuffed Cabbages

    Pansy Proudfoot who is at The Golden Perch, Stock
    2 Marinated Chicken Cutlets
    3 Spiced Potatoes

    Alken Chubb who is at The Green Dragon, Bywater
    3 Pork Sausages
    2 Vegetable Medleys

    Esmerelda Burrows who is at The Bird and the Baby, Michel Delving
    2 Salted Beef Delights
    2 Hobbiton Omelets

    Rudy Hellowbanks is at The Floating Log, Frogmorton
    3 Complete Hobbit Breakfasts
    2 Blueberry Muffins

    Talk to Rollo Hamson at 31.8S, 62.7 W in Newbury, Buckland

    You have acquired the Passive Skill: Superior Oven Access.