The Strongest Back  

Prerequisite: Lifting the Yoke
Start Zone: UNKNOWN
Start Area: Carn Dum
Start Mob: Osbail
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 50
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'My husband remains in Carn Dum. I know you have already done so much, but please...find it in your heart to help me once more.

'Erscin is strong of back and force of will. I cannot imagine that he fell to the Orcs, though perhaps he tried to escape and was killed. I cannot bear to imagine such things.

'If he lives, I fear he will not live long. I am sure that the Evil Ones will punish any slaves that remained behind. You must return to Carn Dum and find him!'


The slaves of Carn Dum were set free, but Osbail, a woman of the Hillmen dwelling at Gath Forthnir, is still missing her husband.


Objective 1

Find Erscin

Objective 2

Escort Erscin to safety

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