The Blood-price  

Leads To: The Blood-bond
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Malenhad
Start Location: Tyrn Lhuig
Start Mob: Lorne
Cash Granted: 22s 75c
Quest Level: 44
Min Level: 41
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Bail Rova


'Listen, well, stranger. To make my way here, I must do some hunting with the other men of this little camp, but in truth I am not here to live the life of a hunter. I am here for the sake of my sister, Muirne, and if things have gone as I fear, I will take a blood price from her murderer. But I still hope that the worst has not come to pass, and if she still lives, I wish to rescue her from her captors.

'Many months past, she left our home in Aughaire to go guesting with kin, but on the way I am told she was taken by the Angmarim. From what I can tell, they were encamped at the nearby outpost, but thus far I have been unable to learn more.

'Will you help me? Go to the outpost in the south-west of the swamp, on the way to Ram Duath. If you see no woman of the hills there, then find the commander of the camp; perhaps he will have something to say.'


Lorne told you that she joined the hunting party to find her missing sister, Muirne, only she fears that the worst has befallen her.


Objective 1
Look for Muirine
Confront the Bail Rova camp commander

Speak to the Commander of the Camp

Objective 2

Kill the Angmarim Commander and his guards

Objective 3

Return to Lorne in Malenhad


It is the lower Angmarim camp in Bal Rova .. if you approach it from the Malenhad entrance, its the left, lower path going in. Don't have his exact coords, but he's a level 44 sig, ring above his head, after you chat you fight.