Leads To: The Orc-raid
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Eastern Malenhad
Start Location: Gabilshathur
Start Mob: Guard-captain Gisur
Exp Granted: 4042
Quest Level: 47
Min Level: 43
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Guard-captain Gisur


'You came here, alone, from the west? I suppose there is more to you than one would guess at a glance.

'Here, you can indeed be of some help to us. I am charged with the protection of Gabilshathûr, and this had become quite a challenge since an Orc-scout discovered our outpost a few days back. Now, we are constantly harassed by the Orcs, and I am not sure how much longer we can hold out.

'If you can slay some of those Orcs, though, we might get a bit of breathing space. I am not picky, slaying any Blogmal or Krahjarn Orc you encounter in Eastern Malenhad is enough... although to be most helpful, you should slay some of their warriors and skirmishers. Oh, and some defilers as well....'


The mining-outpost of Gabilshathur is in grave danger. An army of Orcs is not far away, and their scouts and stragglers must not be allowed to locate the dwarves.


Objective 1
Defeat Orc-warriors (0/10)
Defeat Orc-defilers (0/5)
Defeat Orc-skirmishers (0/10)

Objective 2
Talk to Guard-captain Gisur