Book 4: Chapter 9: Hasten Their Departure  

Prerequisite: Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 4: Chasing Shadows
Leads To: Book V: Chapter 1: Into the Misty Mountains
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: Rivendell Valley
Start Location: Guest Rooms
Start Mob: Legolas
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 500 Elves of Rivendell
Cash Granted: 8s 82c
Quest Level: 42
Min Level: 37
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Locations with maps: Rivendell
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    Elrond's Library


'I do not think this is the end of our search for the Nazgûl that escaped the waters of the Bruinen, Tomec. Indeed, we have only seen the beginning of the trouble he may cause.

'We must tell Master Elrond what has transpired. A task of great secrecy has been set before some of us at Imladris, and I fear we have been too long delayed already.

'Speak to Master Elrond inside the Last Homely House and tell him of our journey into the lair of Taushakh and what we beheld there. The time for delays is past.'


Legolas has been dismayed by the events in the lair of the Wood-trolls and thinks Elrond should be told of them at once.


Objective 1

Talk to Elrond

Master Elrond is within the Last Homely House.

Leglos has asked you to go to Elrond at once and tell him what transpired in the lair of Tauskahk, king of the Wood-trolls.