A Thief in the Night  

Series Name: Burglar
Leads To: Instance: A Thief in the Night
Required Class: Burglar
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Adso's Camp
Start Mob: Atherol Took
Flags: Class, Solo
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 80c
Quest Level: 15
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Atherol Took
    Adso's Camp


'Hello, friend Darqflame. You have become a burglar of no small skill, but you and I both know that is not enough. An adequate burglar is simply not good enough if the task calls for an accomplished burglar, after all!

'It might not be too late. I have heard of just such an accomplished burglar, and it could be that he can give you the advice you need to become more than just adequate!

'Then again, he might not. But there's no harm in trying! Look for Atherol Took at Adso's Camp on the Great East Road, between Bree and Buckland. If you have it in you to become a truly accomplished burglar, Atherol Took might be able to tease it out of you!'


Burglars of great skill are not often chanced upon these days, especially if they do not wish to be found.


Speak to any Burglar trainer to recieve this quest, upon gaining level 15.

Objective 1

Atherol Took, a very accomplished burglar, is at Adso's Camp, west of the town of Bree.

You have been told to speak with Atherol Took if you wish to become a better burglar.

Objective 2

Atherol Took is at Adso's Camp on the Great East Road, between Bree and Buckland.

Atherol is waiting to speak with you about your expedition to Farmer Maggot's farm.


You also recieve this trait and a title as a reward:

You are able to wield your off-hand weapon more efficiently, dealing greater damage to your foes.
+15% Off-Hand Damage Multiplier
Line Bonus: Increases Critical Chance with Burglar Skills by 1.0%

Thief in the Night