Bear-Hide Armour  

Start Zone: Trollshaws
Started By Item:Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 36
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Locations with maps: Rivendell | Trollshaws
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    Mountain-bear Protector


Never have you seen such a magnificent hide. The fur is thick and lush, unblemished by burrs or tangles. The blows that dispatched its former owner were well-enough aimed that the usable portion of the hide is unmarred.

An armourer of sufficient skill might make this hide into armour formidable indeed. An Elf in Rivendell likely possesses both the skill and the desire to do this for you.


While hunting the bears of the Western Trollshaws, you obtained a hide of unusual toughness. The beast from which it came was strong and hardy, possessed of thick fur and even thicker hide.


Objective 1

Bring the Perfect Bear-hide to an Elf armourer in Rivendell

An armourer of sufficient skill likely dwells in the hidden valley of Rivendell.

It will take an armourer of great skill to craft armour worthy of the beast from which this perfect hide came.