Boar-tooth Dagger  

Start Zone: Trollshaws
Started By Item:Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Exp Granted: 3136
Quest Level: 34
Min Level: 31
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You can see no flaw in the tusk. A tusk such as this might command coin from Men or admiration from the dwarves, but in the hands of an Elven weaponsmith this tusk could become a deadly weapon. A weaponsmith of sufficient skill might dwell in Rivendell.


Your encounter with a ferocious boar not far from the Great East Road yielded a boar-tusk of surprising strength and beauty.


Objective 1
Bring the Perfect Boar-Tusk to an Elf Weaponsmith in Rivendell

An Elf weaponsmith in Rivendell might be able to craft the boar-tusk you obtained into a deadly weapon.

Rivendell might be the home of a weaponsmith able to work with the boar-tusk you obtained.


The Weaponsmith (an elf named Durvenel) is located at 29.2S, 6.2W in Rivendell.