Chapter 2: The Gates of Fornost  

Prerequisite: Book III, Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 3: The Council of the North
Leads To: Chapter 3: Fallen Once More
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Norbury Gates
Start Location: Mincham's Camp
Start Mob: Mincham
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 19s 25c
Exp Granted: 2463
Quest Level: 34
Min Level: 30
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Locations with maps: North Downs | North Downs
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    Ongburz Ravager
    Ongburz Warrior
    Warg Stalker
    Mincham's Camp
    Norbury Gates


Objective 1

Defeat Ongburz Orcs at Norbury Gates (0/16)
Defeat Wargs at Norbury Gates (0/8)

Mincham believes the only way to determine the strength of the forces of Angmar within Fornost is test defenses rerected at its gates. He has asked you to Slay Orcs and Wargs and bring him a report of the resistance there. The Norbury Gates lie to the north of Mincham's camp.

Objective 2
Speak to Mincham

The Ranger Mincham will need to hear your report regarding the defences at the gates of Fornost. Mincham can be found at his camp in the southern Fields of Fornost.