The Old One  

Prerequisite: Ancient Lair
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Ologfil
Start Mob: Bethad
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 36s 40c
Quest Level: 44
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Dread Flame-worm
    Tyrn Lhuig


'I am glad you are here. I was wounded by one of these cursed worms and have been forced to hide in the dark corners of this cave for some days. But now that my wound is almost healed, I have learned much by spying on the comings and goings of the Gertheryg.

'This cave is inhabited by an ancient Gorthorog called Ulkrank. He is an old one...the oldest such creature I have ever seen. The other brutes seem to treat him with the greatest reverence. He may perhaps be their ruler.

'For my own part, I am ready to leave this place, but if you would, I think you can do more here. Slay as many of these vile worms as you can, and fight your way to the depths of the cave where Ulkrank dwells. Once he is defeated, tell my friend Fonn in Tyrn Lhuig of your victory. He will surely be concerned about me.'


The scout Bethad has found that the worm-cave is the home to a venerated elder Gorthorog called Ulkrank.


Objective 1

Defeat the Dread Flame-worm (16)
Defeat Ulkrank

UlkUlkrank, the ancient Gorthorog, can be found somewhere in the depths of the worm-cave.

Bethad has asked you to explore the worm-cave, slaying all the worms you find, and finally, Ulkrank himself.

Objective 2

Talk to Fonn

Fonn is back at Tyrn Lhuig.

Having defeated Ulkrank, Bethad asked you to tell his friend Fonn of your deeds.


Ulkrank comes with his 2 guards when you pull him. Also, the respawn rate is ridiculously fast in the cave so bring lots of CC for dragons/giants and/or good DPS of the right level (45ish) to save yourself the headache of having everything repop on you every 2 or so minutes.