Old Treasures  

Leads To: Every Last Ingot
Start Zone: Misty Mountains
Start Area: Gloin's Camp
Start Mob: Larus Sharpshard
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 8s 96c
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 43
Min Level: 38
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains
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    Larus Sharpshard
    Gloin's Camp
    Iskeld's Lookout
    Damaged Dwarf-chest


'Hail and well-met, Tomec! Lord Glóin has established this camp so that we may keep an eye on the threat of goblins -- and worse -- that stirs within the Mountains. An admirable aim! The Misty Mountains were once studded with great dwarf-keeps and towers, and nothing moved over snow or under stone of which we were not aware!

'Great treasures, too, were kept in the stony fastness of those keeps. Indeed, Heikki Goldwatcher of Thorin's Hall has ordered me to retrieve a strongbox mentioned in his records.

'If you travel to the old dwarf-keep that overlooks the source of the Bruinen, north of here, and retrieve this strongbox, I will reward you for your trouble.'


The Misty Mountains are dotted with dwarf-ruins, and Larus Sharpshard is eager to reclaim some of the treasures that may still remain in such stony places.


Objective 1
Collect Damaged Dwarf-Chest

The strongbox is in the old dwarf-keep that overlooks the source of the Bruinen, north of Glóin's camp. Larus Sharpshard is at Glóin's camp, north of Rivendell.

Objective 2
Bring damaged dwarf-chest to Larus Sharpshard

Larus Sharpshard asked you to retrieve a strongbox from an old dwarf-keep.


The chest is at 21.7S, 4.4W