Glamir's Vigil  

Prerequisite: Cleansing the Ruins
Series Name: Hallowed Ground
Start Zone: Ered Luin
Start Area: Duillond
Start Mob: Calengil
Exp Granted: 429
Quest Level: 14
Min Level: 10
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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'As Thinglaer sent you to me, so might I ask a final favour of you. Our youngest brother has also taken this onus upon himself and likely requires aid as he has not yet returned to us. If you can help him, I would be grateful.

'Be warned that the lands of Haudh Lin to the north are considerably more dangerous than our domain, and our brother is likewise of hotter temperament, as befits his task in that place.

'I last saw him amongst the ruins near the shore of the Grimwater, a small lake north-east of the dwarf-outpost we call Gondamon. He is likely still there.'


Glamir, the brother of Thinglaer and Calengil, also has need of your assistance.


Objective 1
Speak to Glamir

Glamir is dwelling near some old Elf-ruins at the southern edge of the Grimwater, north-east of the dwarf-hold of Gondamon. Gondamon is reached by heading due north along the road, then taking the western fork.

Calengil sent you to speak with his youngest brother, Glamir, and lend him what aid you may.