By Axe and Fire  

Prerequisite: Into the Woods
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Nen Harn
Start Mob: Walt Whitrose
Flags: Small Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 4s
Exp Granted: 643
Quest Level: 21
Min Level: 16
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Walt Whitrose
    Hengstacer Farm
    Nen Harn


'Old Gil was frightened and seemed out of sorts when he brought us the soup. We didn't pay him no mind though...we figured he was nervous from being lost and had his mind playing tricks.

'Still, he's not one given to exaggeration and if he is still on his wit's end about this, then maybe we should look into it.

'Gil came to us from the east and north, where the lake meets the woodland. Search in that area for his mysterious walking tree. Maybe you will find something. If not, then Gil can have his peace of mind back at the least.'


The woods of Bree-land can be dark and mysterious. Some places are darker than others....


Objective 1

  • Find Gil Sandheaver's walking tree

Walt Whitrose mentioned that Gil Sandheaver had come from the north and east, where the lake meets the woodland.

Walt Whitrose believes it is worth looking into Gil Sandheaver's claims that trees were walking near Nen Harn, if for no other reason that Gil's peace of mind.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Walt Whitrose in Nen Harn

Walt Whitrose is at his camp on the western edge of Nen Harnin.

Your discovery should be explained to Walt Whitrose at his camp, if only to warn him that such things exist out here in the northernmost parts of Bree-land.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Gil Sandheaver at the Hengstancer Farm

Gil Sandheaver is at the Hengstacer Farm, west of Walt Whitrose's camp at Nen Harn and north of Bree-town.

Walt Whitrose told you to take the news of your victory to Gil Sandheaver, with the reassurance that he may once again walk in the woods in peace.



South East corner of the lake, Nen Harn. 22.5s, 41.4w Or you can just click the link for his name to see his location mapped!

After you come around the southern tip of the water on the east side you'll see him walking back and forth from the waters edge to the hill on your right.

You can complete the Snapper Soup quest while you are here!