Chapter 5, Part I: A Call to Elves  

Prerequisite: Chapter 4, Part III: The Dwarves Shall Come
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 3: The Council of the North
Leads To: Chapter 5, Part II: Tending the Glade
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Esteldin
Start Location: Halbarad's Study
Start Mob: Halbarad
Flags: Epic
Quest Level: 35
Min Level: 31
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Locations with maps: North Downs
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    Gildor Inglorion


'To the south of Esteldín, there stands a small refuge of the Elves. Many long years have the Elves dwelt there; however, in recent days, most of the Elves left the glade. What is worse, I have heard that those few that remained were slain by Stone-trolls from the North.

'It is an irony that Gildor Inglorion, an Elf-lord of Rivendell, was coming to give word of the Enemy's movements, but arrived too late to save those who remained.

'He should be called to the Council, but I fear that he will be too consumed by the desire to protect both the glade and his people from their rage. It will be your task to go to Lin Giliath and convince Gildor to come to the Council.'


To deal with the threat from Angmar, Halbarad has decided that he must call a council of the Free Peoples of the North Downs -- the Council of Esteldín.


Objective 1

Talk to Gildor Inglorion

Gildor Inglorion can be found in the Elf-glade of Lin Giliath, south of Esteldin.

Halbarad told you that the Elf-glade was recently attacked by Stone-trolls. He expressed his concern that the Elves of Lin Giliath will be too overwhelmed dealing with the aftermath of this attack to come to the Council.


Gildor Inglorion can be found inside of building at 13.7S, 44.9W