A Collar for the King  

Prerequisite: The Iron Collar
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Amon Raith
Start Mob: Amarion
Flags: Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 43s 40c
Quest Level: 41
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Locations with maps: North Downs
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    Amon Raith
    Fornost Instance


'If it is true and the forces of Orcs and Angmarim within Fornost have created a fell wight from the corpse of Krithmog, then we must ferret out the beast and end its existence once more. Fortunately, this old collar may prove the key. It bound the Warg once and may do so again.

'There. I have inscribed a rune of Elbereth. Take the collar up once more. It will draw the beast to you, if you can find the right place to set it down.'

'You will need to search for a location within Fornost that Krithmog may be hiding. No doubt it is a deep, dark warren abounding with Wargs. Find the proper place to set down that collar, then destroy the evil warg a final time.'


Legend tells of a powerful Warg once offered the ability to rule all Wargs in return for service to the Iron Crown. A collar fashioned of iron was made and powerful sorceries used to enchant the item. The great beast was slain and the collar removed, but tales of the beast have been passed down through the ages amongst the Men of the North Downs.


Objective 1
Find a place to offer the collar to Krithmog and slay him when he appears

Find a proper place to offer the collar to Krithmog and slay him when he appears

Krithmog is somewhere within Fornost in the North Downs.

If Krithmog has been returned to life and taken to Fornost he will be found somewhere where the Wargs are plentiful. Place the collar in a suitable location, then spring your trap upon him. Amarion named the collar as the ancient binding of Krithmog and sent you in search of a place to offer it to the revived Warg-king.