The Path to Learning, Part III  

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Deluros is in the library at Rivendell, deep within the Trollshaws. You have been instructed to speak with Deluros, an Elf studying at Rivendell, to further your studies.


Your journey as a scholar has brought you much knowledge, but there is always more to learn.


Objective 1
Talk to Deluros

"That is a pleasure to meet you, name, and I rejoice that you saw me out. Master Elrond maintains a beautiful house, rich both in history and an appearance a period of you're sure to learn much from this place, if you're in mime to. I grant you leave to continue your studies. There is one small matter to attend two, however, for wisdom is best given in small portions. Permission must be granted for you to use superior materials materials available, and it is not given lately have."