A Sack Of Feed  

Prerequisite: The Founding Writ
Leads To: Old Sally
Start Zone: The Shire
Start Area: Michel Delving
Start Mob: Belco Brockhouse
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 90c
Quest Level: 9
Min Level: 7
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Locations with maps: The Shire
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    Belco Brockhouse
    Michel Delving
    The Grange


'So my pig, old Sally, when she ain't running loose all over the countryside, eats, and eats like you wouldn't believe. Goes through a sack o' feed in no time. Never seen a pig with an appetite like hers.

'I need you to go to the Grange up in Hobbiton and fetch me a sack o' feed. Don't worry about talking to Ted Sandyman there to pay for them... I told him someone was going to come by and get them later today.

'Now, if you want that Writ, you'd best be hurrying along! Head north across the Bywater Bridge in Hobbiton, and you'll see the Grange right there to your left.'


Belco Brockhouse found a copy of the Founding Writ of the Shire, but will not give it up until he has received some services in return.


Objective 1

The sack of feed can be found on the Grange north of Hobbiton. Once you have picked up the feed, bring them back to Belco in Tuckborough.

Belco has told you that his pig, Old Sally, has a ravenous appetite, and that he needs more feed if he is to satisfy her. He has instructed you to go to the Grange and pick up a sack of feed.
'Aye, those are the oats Sally likes. I'll take 'em off your hands...'


261 XP @ level 15

The Grange is found in Hobbiton, just a little north-west of Ted Sandyman's Mill.

Use one of the adjacent sacks of feed to pick it up. Make sure you head back to Belco Brockhouse immediately; there is a timer on the feed.

The quests A Sack of Feed, Old Sally and Shore Up The Fence can be done in any order, but are pre-reqiusites for Belco's Writ.